Spotlight on a couple clients . . .
This section spotlights a few clients I do a wide variety of work for. Lynden Christian School was my first client, beginning in 1989 with the Home Bulletin (see newsletters). Dream On Futon was one of my first clients when TBGraphics went full-time in 1993. I've only been working with Merriman Capital Management a couple years now, but we do a number of different pieces.
Dream On Futon Lynden Christian Merriman Capital TBG&D & WWKS
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I have other clients with equal longevity and variety, but I had to just make a choice. I've been putting out Coupon Gazettes since 1993 and Cloud Mountain Farm started with me in 1989 as well, and they are represented in the Publications section. Here's a complete list of clients, past and present, if you're interested:
Client Listing.

Taken along the "Interurban Trail" somewhere between Bellingham (Fairhaven) and Larrabee State Park.
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