I've put together numerous publications over the years: Living Well Magazine (1 edition, that's all there was); Bellingham Business Journal (4 or 5 editions when a new owner took it over and didn't have expertise to put it together); The Pennysaver (a weekly shopper that had an 8 or 9 month run; and those below that are still currently being published.
Bellingham The Next One Catalog Skagit Valley
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The Coupon Gazettes are two samples from the six editions I put together. They have a combined mailing of around 200,000 pieces - monthly. I've been making Gazettes since they started in 1993. Over the years they've gone from black plus one color to now full color.

Cloud Mountain Farm, a retail nursery and commercial fruit orchard, has been mailing out a catalog for years. I started working on it in 1989.

Travis AFB the day I returned from Korea. (October 1974)

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