Business Forms, Etc.
I have always enjoyed making forms - I guess it's the draftsman in me. The following forms are mostly done in Illustrator, though a few are made with PageMaker. If I didn't like drafting so much, I'd shudder at the thought of making forms in the old days! (not that I'd resort to pen and t-square ever again!)
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I use Adobe Illustrator for really complicated forms and drawings - it is incredibly accurate. The most ambitious project I drew was the complete set of house plans for remodeling the upstairs attic space into bedrooms, stairway and foyer. I drew the entire house, top to bottom with layers for framing of each level, rewiring the entire house, side views and elevations - everything.

The Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle. That's a stealth bomber at the lower left, but you probably can't see it.

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